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Here is a sampling of comments our guests have made. You may also read many more on Trip Advisor and Homeaway. If you would like to talk to any of our previous guests, we will be happy to give you contact information. All that needs to be said about Flying Toucans is you will never want to leave. There is much to do and see in Costa Rica, from beautiful beaches, to tropical jungles and waterfalls and, of course, diverse and fascinating wildlife. But, let me assure you, it will be very hard to pull yourself away from John and Mary Reilly's spectacular home. My wife and I have done a fair amount of traveling from Europe to the Caribbean and many beautiful places in the U.S., but no place we have ever been made us feel the way we did when we were at F.T. for a week. The beauty of the property, the attention to detail in the construction of the home, the wildlife that you share the property with during your stay, the quiet and peacefulness that envelops you, morning, noon and night... there are no words that are adequate. Put some pineapple or banana out in the feeder and before long you will be entertained by a tribe of white-faced monkeys, or dazzled by the sheer beauty of Toucans in the trees surrounding the property. The infinity pool looks amazing in the pictures, but it is beyond description when you are in it, listening to the wildlife sounds and looking out over the jungle and ocean, or just mesmerized by the silence and sheer gloriousness of your surroundings. The closes thing to heaven on earth we have ever seen! I could go on, but it has all been said in other reviews... Just, GO; I guarantee you will love it! jacashal - Audubon, PA We wanted a relaxing vacation for my wife's 60th birthday and Flying Toucans was more than expected. We have been all over the world and we both agree that this was the most relaxing, beautiful vacation we have ever taken. The views, sounds, tropical flowers and animals were so surprising, entertaining, and enjoyable. We spent 10 wonderful days at Flying Toucans and did not want to leave. We are so happy that John and Mary shared their tropical paradise with us. We can't thank them enough for the wonderful memories we have taken with us. We will definately be returning in the future. The Stanwoods - Damascus, OR First let me say, if we had not stayed at this house we never would have seen all of the animals on my "must see" list! We took three guided tours and still saw more animals from the house then anywhere else. Being able to just hang out all day and see the toucans, howler monkeys, white face monkeys and more just from our living area was incredible. How can you beat that? The kids had fun playing in the pool and we all enjoyed the daily animal entertainment. Regarding the house, it is a wonderful design and you can't beat "living" in the outdoors. The owners and property managers were all extremely helpful as well. I just can't say enough about how wonderful this house and location are. I would highly recommend this to everyone, you will love it! Every year one of us in my adult family spends hours using Trip Advisor and VRBO to find the best Villa to rent for a week. We draw lots to see whose pick it is. We've rented yearly at St. John's, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Roatan and this year Costa Rica. I mean hours. We narrowed it down this year to Flying Toucans. One of us will call the owners to get a feel for the place. We seem to follow the same track in selecting family owned "dream" homes. I like when I spoke with John (owner) to describe our yearly process of how we select that one special place for our winter vacation. He's a nice guy and described everything but ended with "well you haven’t seen our place yet". Good enough for me :-) The local property manager Daryl is great also. This seems like a strange review but you can trust ALL of the great reviews on Flying Toucans. There's little to add. No need to look any further. This place is the best of the best....so far :-) If you like to see an amazing view and array of animals this place is for you. 5 Stars all the way! Just beautiful! My husband and I were looking for time away to decompress and refocus for 2016. Flying Toucans provided us that space and so much more. Close to restaurants, nature preserves, national parks and any authentic Costa Rica adventure imaginable, we had no lack of choices for activity. However, as John and Mary cautioned us before arriving, we opted to stay put at the villa and soak up the sun in the pool, read in the many beautiful resting places it provided and cook delicious, fresh meals at home from the local fish market and fresh fruits and vegetable vendors. Feeding the toucans was a delight as we waited and watched for their cautious arrival. The monkeys were just adorable. And the other birds came and went with grace. The villa is wonderful, and this is a high mark coming from us. Comfortable, cozy and beautiful in its design and furnishings, it exceeds all expectations with the views and nature that surround it. Thank you for sharing your home with us, John and Mary. We are forever grateful for the memories created there. Flying Toucans is bar none the most beautiful location. The house is situated perfectly to capture sunrise, sunset and the amazing wildlife. The home itself is stunning and the craftsmanship is very impressive. The owners did an excellent job designing this place and ensure it is well kept. The wildlife and beautiful landscape of this area was amazing and so much fun. The beach below the home is a little hike but well worth it. It was stunning down there. There are no words to describe the beauty here, I never wanted to leave but if I have the opportunity, I will absolutely return to Flying Toucans without question. I cannot thank the owners enough for allowing me such an amazing experience. My sister, Tamara, has given your house and property the ultimate recommendation. She has been struggling with what to come back as in her next life… a beach dog or a whale. Well, now she’s decided to come back as your home!… We have rented 7 houses in the area over the past ten years and Flying Toucans is at the top of our list. The Behners, Asheville, NC We arrived in Dominical and realized we had just stepped back in time… The animals were great - my first experience having a howler monkey watch me the entire time I took a shower! Debbie and Tony - Larkspur, CO As four Canadians transplanted to Costa Rica for several days, we concluded that warm is better than bitter cold, that dressing in shorts and t-shirts is better than being bundled in winter parkas, scarves and mitts. We loved the jaw-dropping, picture-postcard scene from Flying Toucans’ living room. We want this scene indelibly etched into our minds. I know what our next computer screensaver image will show. Andy and Gabi, Edward and Anne - Nova Scotia Everyone before me wrote what I would have said so let me say what I love: 1) the view…the view…the view! r2) waking up to the sound of toucans instead of my alarm clock 3) the heat of the sun instead of my furnace 4) feeding the toucans instead of my cat (okay, I still love my cat but he’s no toucan and he can’t sing) 5) the view…the view…the view 6) the friendly people and the way everyone waves at you here 7) eating at the sodas instead of drinking them 8) the sound of the waves breaking on the shore 9) having fresh, sweet, delicious fruit for breakfast instead of my usual, boring whole grain cereal 10) the view…the view…the view! There’s a hundred other things I could write. Thanks for a lifetime of memories! Tim and Dolly - Pittstown, NJ

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