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John and Mary Reilly

P.O. Box 411, Hana, Maui, Hawaii

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We’re so excited that you’ve discovered Flying Toucans! Please contact us at any time by email or phone if you have any questions about the property. Though we travel often, it is our intention to check and respond to our emails daily. At times when this is not logistically possible, we will respond to you as soon as it is possible. (If you call and don’t get an answer, it’s good to also send us an email since we might have email-only capabilities while traveling.)
The Story of Flying Toucans We first visited Costa Rica in November of 1998 on our honeymoon. Having both lived on Maui for many years and traveled extensively internationally, we were interested in a new adventure and a memorable challenge. We had read about the country for several years prior to our visit and it sounded as though Costa Rica fit all of our criteria. After exploring the various regions of the country, meeting people and being struck by the beauty of the landscape and wildlife, we knew we were destined to relocate.  As it happened, on this first trip we discovered this one-of-a-kind property and purchased it. This set in motion our plans of eventually yanking up our Maui stakes and pounding them into the fertile land of what is now Flying Toucans.  We sold everything we had, packed two suitcases each and made the move.  We lived in a tent on our property for several months while designing Flying Toucans. This allowed us to understand how best to showcase the awesome views and wildlife while combining luxury with open-air tropical living.  We love sharing this property with our guests and are proud that Flying Toucans has been the scene of many birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries and rejuvenating vacations over the years.  With years of experience in the luxury tourism industry, we believe we have created a beautiful place for you to call home while you embark on your own adventures. If you are looking for a special destination that you will never forget, you have found it! Hope to see you here soon,       John and Mary   P.S. As with any “crazy” adventure (a relative term is ever there was one), there are those who will tell you they think you’re nuts and those who will share your excitement (while keeping their “nuts” comments to themselves!). Fortunately for us, most of our family and friends fell into the latter category and to them we are thankful. Our main thanks, however, go to the Lord who really had His hand in the designing and building of Flying Toucans, sometimes ever so subtly and other times quite dramatically. Being the Creator and Sustainer of all, it is the least we can do to acknowledge Him as the true architect of this beautiful place.


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