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From the gentle waters at Playa Ballena to the challenging surf of Dominical, there’s a beach for everyone. Choose from beachcombing, sunbathing, snorkeling, exercising, surf-casting, horseback riding, swimming, jogging, surfing, boogie boarding, standup paddling and exploring tide pools. And don’t forget napping!
PLAYA HERMOSA (Beautiful Beach)
PLAYA VENTANAS (Windows Beach)
Palm tree lined with freshwater streams, well worth the visit at low tide. (This is the 1st bay in front of Flying Toucans.)
Remarkable for its’ gentleness, the entire family can snorkel and swim here.
Miles long and easily accessed, see if you can make it from one end to the other. (This is the long beach in the 2nd bay in your view.)
PLAYA BALLENA (Whale Beach) Postcard perfect, explore at low tide. Keep going and end up at PLAYA ARCO (Bow Beach), a real treasure.
At the far end of Playa Bahia is this beach. A favorite with locals on weekends and a secret surf spot.
Famous for its’ sea caves and incredible mountain scenery in the background (also a popular sea kayaking area.)
Within minutes to the south of Flying Toucans you will find...
In the village of Dominical, this beach is not only a top surf destination for Costa Rica, but internationally as well. The beach has a lifeguard and is known for rip currents. Depending on the season, they also have rows of local crafts booths lined up alongside the beach.
You can walk this whole beach but…you’ll end up in Quepos 25 miles away!
Gentle waves and where the locals moor their boat.
PLAYA ROCA VERDE (Green Rock Beach)
Very private beach within walking distance of Flying Toucans.
Trivia answer #1: You can find sand dollars at the Whale’s Tail at low tide. Please only take photos as you are in a national park.
Trivia question #2: Which beach is the beneficiary of this cascading beauty? (Answer below)
Separating Playa Hermosa from Playa Bahia is the “Whale’s Tail”. At low tide it looks just like a whale’s tail from the air. Walk the long sand spit to the small rocky island and look back. Then cruise back in as the water laps at your ankles. It’s the closest you’ll come to walking on water! Fun and safe, an experience you won’t want to miss. (Your villa view centers on this point.)
THE WHALE’S TAIL (Marino Ballena N.P.)
Trivia question #1:On which beach can one find sand dollars?(answer below)
Within minutes to the north of Flying Toucans you will find...
PLAYA DOMINICALITO (Little Sunday Beach)
Trivia answer #2: This waterfall can be found at the second of two small beaches down the hill from Flying Toucans.
PLAYA GUAPIL (Sunday Beach)
Explore tidepools and shoreline at low tide.